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Writings - Yearbook Entries

These two stories are the result of a contest between my friend Brittany and myself. While still in High School, we competed to see who could write the most in each other's yearbook.
Hitler the Antichrist
Hitler's Floating Head.
I won. Even though several years have passed since I wrote them, these tales still have a fond place in my heart, mainly because they are completely psychotic. I am completely serious. These stories involve the cloned brain of Abraham Lincoln, the reincarnated spirit of Adolph Hitler (who also becomes the Antichrist), and a race of lizard-men.

And that is only the beginning. Now, neither of these stories will make much sense if you did not hang out with my group of friends in high school, and I am too lazy to fill you in on the social details. While these writings are rather abnormal, they do come sequentally; thus, the 2003 entry is the sequal to the 2002 entry, and they should be read in order.

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