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2007 Collection Statistics
In 2007 my comic book collection exploded. I added in nearly 400 issues. Some of this was a holdover from 2006, where I was purchasing many comics in order to complete my Honors Thesis At the beginning of the year I owned 759 issues. At the end of the year my collection totaled 1,155 issues. This represents an increase of 396 issues, or 34 percent.

Of the 1,155 issues I own, Marvel comics still form the majority, at just over 50 percent. This is mainly due to the complete run of Excalibur I own, as well as many issues of Uncanny X-Men and New X-Men. During 2006, however, I began collecting several Batman titles, and these purchases considerably increased the amount of DC Comics I own. DC now forms about 34 percent of my collection with 390 issues, and I expect this number to increase further in 2008. Of those 390 issues, I purchased 260 of them during 2007. That is a 66 percent increase in DC titles!

The remainder of my collection is comprised mainly of Vertigo and Image titles, with each publisher forming about 5 percent of the total. This is primarily due to my run of Spawn (Image) and Transmetropolitan (Vertigo). The final 7 percent is formed of various other publishers, none of which was numerous enough to list on its own. A graphical breakdown of these publisher statistics for my entire collection is below:
stats graph

Of the 396 issues I bought during 2007, the majority were from DC comics. This is mainly due to me purchasing large runs of Batman and Detective Comics, and not purchasing any Uncanny X-Men issues as I had in years past.
bought in 2007
A graph showing the publisher breakdown is to the right. As seen, DC Comics form the bulk of my purchases in 2007. This is because I added close to 100 issues each to my Batman and Detective Comics collections. I did this mainly because several online comic book stores such as and offered some extreme discounts on early 1990s issues from these series, and I couldn't pass those deals up.

The Marvel Comics I bought in 2007 were from three main series: New X-Men, New Excalibur, and X-Men. I stopped buying Uncanny X-Men over a year ago because the new author started some epic space story arc, and I hate epic space story arcs. Now that the characters are back on Earth, I may start buying it again, at least through issue 500.

Total spent on comics in 2007: $731.45 for 396 comics
Average price paid per comic in 2007: $1.84

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